Trial Win for Tim Napier

On October 17, 2018, Tim Napier successfully defended a cardiothoracic surgery group against a medical malpractice claim in Lexington, Kentucky. Tim’s clients, a cardiothoracic surgeon and a physician’s assistant, performed an emergency CABG procedure. The surgical team successfully addressed the blockage, but the patient unfortunately developed a peripheral nerve injury resulting in a permanent foot drop condition. The patient sued, hiring experts who alleged that the nerve injury could only be the result of negligence. Tim aggressively defended the surgical care, taking the jury through each step of the CABG procedure. He showed that the patient was properly positioned, the saphenous vein harvest and grafting were done correctly, and peripheral nerve injuries are a rare, but recognized complication of a CAGB procedure. After hearing testimony from experts on both sides, the jury returned a unanimous defense verdict for CT surgery group.